Blog9The impossibility of accepting the hypothesis (though well documented and real) that speaks of men with true superior knowledge and the ability they have to share it with others as a task of service for humanity, who can be called teachers, is not a sign of the plausibility of such an idea, but of a certain lack of mental flexibility and a certain abundance of limiting beliefs.

People consume books and films of a fantastical nature and, in doing so, they make others wealthy through believing and accepting the reality of the fictional characters featured in these works, which are presented as possessing both superior knowledge and the capacity to share it with others.

People ignore the fact that the science fiction genre is being used, among other purposes, in order to make the brain accept certain ideas; had they been featured in a different format, those same ideas would have been immediately discarded as impossible.

People ignore the fact that all fiction has a real base built upon a reality that exceeds the wildest fantasies by far.

People pay to enter a fantasy world which enables them to evade their own realities, thus accepting the feasibility of certain characters and their superpowers; ignoring the fact that, as stated in the first paragraph, those who are the true origin of such fictional characters are offering the possibility for people to face their own true reality, in this world, right now.

The more evident the truth, the more difficult is to grasp it.