“Rabbi Menachem knew that devils are so numerous that if they were visible to the naked eye it would be impossible for man to exist.”

The same veils exist between you and all the realities out there: both the worldly and the immaterial, immanent.

Let’s focus for one minute on the world.

Your experience of it, mostly, is a story narrated to you by others.

Others: those who are heavily invested in narrating stories and framing them in ways that are convenient and profitable for their own goals and agenda; media comes from medium, an intermediary between you and whatever happens outside of your scope of direct perception.

Reality, then, is a story told to you by the mediums who make you their target.

And your biases and prejudices will dictate who you believe, on whom you place your attention, and ultimately your trust.

We are moving targets, constantly.

How often do you remember this?

It all comes down, and up, to trust.

Who do you trust? Are you the master of the choice?

Or is this something directed by your prejudices and biases?

Mastering the choice of trusting or not trusting implies the development of an inner sense, or compass, that can and will help you perceive the emanations of untrustworthiness.

You can actually smell it.