“You, who are unmoved by others’ suffering, are not entitled to the name of (hu)man.”

This was uttered – supposedly, because I wasn’t alive then to corroborate it – by a man called Saadi in the XIII century. And yes: he was (and is) a man.

Now, ponder the following:

Most of the information targeted at you is meant to inoculate you against the harm that the ideologies pervading your surroundings constantly produce.

The process is well-known: dehumanization.

Therefore: what’s the problem if they suffer and die? They are not like us. They are not human. It’s us or them. Etc.

We have been desensitized.

Do you want to remain so?

In, not of.

Care too much about the world: it will engulf you.

Care too little: you lose your humanity.

Earn the name ‘human’.