Learn Why The Ancients Egyptians Savoured The Taste Of Crunchy Foreskin.

Circumcise Your Mind With These 3 Short Reads From The Perfumer’s Apprentice

abu kasem logoOur common origin is water, and to it we shall all return.

abu kasem logoIn the meantime, we can prepare ourselves by forsaking earth-ravaging toilet paper and turning to — and sitting on — water.

abu kasem logoIf we get all muddy, we do not clean ourselves with a kitchen roll; we resort to that lovely manna that encompasses almost all of our beloved Gaia.

abu kasem logoSo, why not do the same with that spot on which the sun never shines? Why remain a part of the barbaric paper-using hordes, when we can actually save trees, help Gaia and make our lovers happier?

abu kasem logoThe bidet is your tushy’s best friend. Open yourself up to the fountain of liquid possibilities.

abu kasem logoErecting himself as a champion of the voiceless, Radames pierces through religions and ideologies to expose the archaic practice of circumcision in all its barbarism – a practice that is still needlessly maiming innocent little boys today.

abu kasem logoThe Perfumer’s Apprentice interweaves fascinating historical context with incredible conspiracy theories about the origins and ruthless perpetuation of the circumcisional procedure, all bathed in an irresistible common-sense approach and almost Vulcanic logic.

abu kasem logoThis enlightening essay encapsulates the hope that we may one day look back at this abusive custom… and duly slap ourselves in the face.


abu kasem logoExposing the worst of human behaviour, Radames – our champion of both the foreskin and now our beloved aquatic friends, the fish – describes in his unique style why catch-and-release fishing is sheer torture… and a damning reflection of our own brutality and stupidity.

abu kasem logoEmploying analogies that could only surface in such an original mind, the former-oral now literary Radames uses humour and his characteristic naughty undertones to reveal our worst qualities…

abu kasem logoOnce you start, you’ll be caught – hook, line and sinker.



Is Big Pharma secretly promoting the removal of your foreskin?