Opus Magnum I


Opus Magnum I

What if Pinocchio and Jesus are the same?

What if all that you know about Shakespeare is wrong?

Is being blind and rich worth it?

Is the world run by a satanic Mouse cult?

What is the secret link between the Grimm brothers and Nazism?

This book will change your life… provided you read it. Why? It shall show you how humour can adopt the most bizarre shapes ever, whilst in the process helping your mind to look at the world in the most original ways. Interwoven with pearls of mystical-esoteric-alchemical wisdom, this book is an homage to the meta-loving mind, creating worlds within worlds with a common thread: humour and an irreverent attitude with the pedantic and intellectual approach to life and the universe.

Like someone once never said: this is like Borges on acid. Or Rumi on nothing.

A tour-de-force through the magical delirious realism that only a naturally perturbed mind can conjure. And a read that will perfectly suit those who love to have their brains (and spirits) tickled.

A smoothie made with the best (and the worst) of: Gurdjieff, Borges, Shakespeare, Brothers Grimm, Wilde, Shaw, Monty Python, Community, David Foster Wallace, Rumi, Hafiz, Sedaris, Chappelle, Lynch, Ouspensky, Bennett, Frost… and many more.


‘In the ancient and intricate realm of world literature there’s surely not been a
publication as beguiling, or as utterly magical, as Opus Magnum I. Its author, Abu
Kasem, ‘The Greedy Perfumer’ is of the desert, a man conjured from the stars of all
eleven skies. A distillation of information, humour, and philosophising from the
furthest reaches of comprehension, this small book turns on its head everything one’s
ever known to be reliable. I recommend it to anyone with an open mind, or a closed
one, and to every soul who finds themself on this incalculably bizarre journey that is
the human experience.’

Tahir Shah


”True mystical traditions have stressed the importance of humour – and of not taking oneself too seriously – throughout history. Yet the vast majority of books with a supposedly philosophical or mystical vision are anything but funny or frivolous – at least in the West. Heaven forbid that the authors might actually practise what they preach and be prepared to make fools of themselves. Yet it is precisely the fool who holds the key to understanding the greater mysteries, the joker or clown who tames his vanity daily by opening himself to ridicule.

Abu Kasem’s extraordinary Opus Magnum is probably unlike anything you have read before, yet it’s freshness, humour and ability to shock are part of an ancient, largely Eastern, heritage, one designed to challenge its audience on many levels and, if engaged with correctly, act as a stepping stone towards understanding – not least of ourselves. Po-faced would-be mystics will hate it; those who are more open will be thrilled to find its pages complete with multiple jewels of wisdom, all presented in the least expected, and often hilarious, of settings.”

Jason Webster



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