Blog12Words from my Grandfather, the Generous Perfumer:

No one in this life can perform your role better than you can. Do not compare yourself with others, because your goal, despite the fact that you do now yet know what it is, differs from that of others.

To be yourself implies that you know who you really are: that is, work on it.

Life is the play: yet the trick is not knowing which words you are about to utter; your character’s destiny is still being developed.

And there is no one who can do it better than yourself.

Because that role is unique; and so each one of us also inhabits within his or her own play, which on occasion might intermingle with many other plays, thus creating new variations… on a same theme… which is yourself.

Study yourself, get to know yourself, and you shall become the best version of yourself that has ever existed.

You may find that the assistance of a director might make the efforts more productive.