Abukasem the Greedy PerfumerThe Generous Perfumer, who was commonly known as Iqbal ibn Haidar and who was a lovable and perfect grandfather, once taught me a lesson without making it explicit, by sharing something he had told to an eager apprentice he once had to suffer:

I am sure you have told yourself many times already that you would diligently perform that which your teacher has suggested that you should do only for your own benefit.

Do consider that perhaps you are already doing it – or not.

Do consider that perhaps a part of your job is to discover it – or not.

Surely the vast, yet finite, distance that separates what you want from what you need might distort your vision.

Surely this shall be your job: to reduce the gap between your extremes.

Remember that the teacher knows what the disciple needs: this is what makes him be what he is.

As long as you remain in the vehicle which is carrying you towards your goal, little it matters what you do during the duration of the trip.

Now: do not bother the driver.