Abukasem the Greedy PerfumerFrom a popular folk tale:

A man went to Nasrudin and demanded: ‘Nasrudin, you are a clever man and you are an esoteric. If you’re really as clever as you think you are, then show me God.’

Nasrudin, who was tending to his garden, casually picked up a stone and threw it, hitting the man square on the head. The man ran away, moaning in pain. He went straight to the village judge and complained to him about what just occurred.

The judge called in Nasrudin, and reprimanded him: ‘Nasrudin, you are a learned man. That was an awful thing to do. He asked you a perfectly reasonable question. Why can’t you give him a reasonable answer?’

‘What is his complaint?’ asked Nasrudin.

‘He came to me and complained that you hit him on the head with a rock. Now he is in terrible pain,’ replied the judge.

Nasrudin was quick to respond: ‘Excellent. Now if this man will just show me the pain, then I will show him God.’