Their reliance on the principles of their doctrine is unshakable.

Their respect for the values that descend from the top is total.

Their loyalty to the superior is absolute

Their heroism is such that they are willing to give their own life to defend those principles.

Their sense of belonging is stable, reinforced by supportive attitudes on behalf of their superiors and colleagues.

Their fear of punishment is as great as their craving for reward and recognition.

What separates them is the uniform: one has it and is called a soldier; the other does not and is called a terrorist.

They are both united by the conditioning and training to which they have been subjected by true elites who design systems that exploit the vulnerabilities of the human psyche.

The word terrorist is used to label the enemy of the powerful.

The latter is protected by those very conventions that make them the depositary of the supposedly best human qualities: heroism, courage, valour, bravery. The harbinger of Good.

The other is branded with fanaticism, madness, irrationality. The epitome of evil.

True terror is the uniformed legitimisation of violence, disguised as service.