LXXX. Constipated

Perhaps one of the most complex literary exercises is to place a promising premise (rock solid) within an appropriate context that would help develop – and expand – the seed of what perhaps might become a great story. Such was not the case of an ignored (for good...

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LXXIX. Acidity

Acidity is not only a quality that can be measured in foods, liquids, comedians, and speeches delivered by politicians (who many times inadvertently end up being funnier than those who intentionally try to be); it is indeed one of the many attributes of humour; in...

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LXXVII. Kernel of Wheat

Thanks to a simple church hymn, the writer, dramatist, dental mechanic and Abbot of the Abbaye de Solesmes (which, by the way, was built to honour the great-great-great-great-great-great Saint Peter), baptised by his parents as Gianpietro Vestronillo, has objected...

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LXXV. Cuisine and Literature

We could very well begin with a brief biographical introduction describing the artificial life suffered by the writer of the article who shall animate our following story; at the same time, it is verily true that we could head to the kitchen and fix a great bocata of...

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LXXIII. Obituary

Yesternight, during the last hours of the fifteenth day of the month of May belonging to the year 2006 of our Lord the Supreme Father, at precisely 11:43 pm (BST), somewhere on this planet earth, the oldest joke of the world ceased to exist. Apparently, during the...

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LXX. Grotesque

The dietician, mystic, expert in medieval esoterism, dog lover and Monty Python fan known as Richard von der Walde had always dreamed of being interviewed by a world-renowned newspaper; something that became a private obsession from the age of five. Such a caprice...

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LVXIII. Statistics

The Real Ministerio de Tránsito y Transporte (The Royal Minister of Transit and Transport) from Spain[1] have published some astounding figures that have made an impact within society in a variety of forms: “The RMTE have gathered some grave and worrying indicators...

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LXVI. Philologies

The celebrated and celibate Norwegian philologist Olaf Bang Vridssïon publishes in the last number of Philology Today (for those distracted and filthy ignorant pigs, such is the name of a magazine about the world's tongues, arms, legs, little fingers and also about...

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LXIV. Ad Eternum Controversy

The birth date of the immortal (and rather immoral for some peculiars) Anglo-Saxon quill pen, William Shakespeare, has for a long time awakened [1], even before his very birth, a violent controversy. Stella Atkinson, an extremely famous clairvoyant and skilful...

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