A saying attributed to Hazrat Ali says: ‘Man is in disguise, covered by his tongue’.

The same applies to humans, of course.

No matter what people might say, words are the means through which they veil their true feelings and thoughts about things.

This especially applies to those in positions of power, including journalists, of course.

Obfuscation is a manifestation of that trait.

It is a tool used by those who know what the reality and truth of the matter are.

They are like a criminal lawyer who, knowing the facts, works towards veiling the truth.

The worldly reality that surrounds us is far simpler than those who make it their (self-imposed) mission to describe it to us pretend it is.


Their livelihoods depend on that very fact: obfuscation via overcomplication.

Creating branches in order to guide us the furthest away from the trunk of the matter.

Once you have developed the capacity to perceive what lies beyond people’s words, you will be closer to that trunk.

Yet, once that stratagem is sustained long enough, the perpetrators become the victims, as it tends to happen with any psychological trait: the organic principle applies. Obfuscation and hypocrisy take that spot meant for their true self, creating a hollowed being.

In the end, it’s up to you to decide whether reality will be a story that others tell you; or if you will be courageous enough to venture beyond words… into the true reality.

Words have been – and are being – used both to reveal perennial truths; and also to veil them.

Obfuscation exists only because there’s something that is true.

The future of humanity is waiting for us: it is a wordless one.