Abu Kasem is made of sand; a man of the desert. He is also made of stars, a man from the eleven skies. He is a man that came to realise that his very essence is that of all those things that have ever lived; he knows that he is one, and he is all; he is none. He tastes the flavour of all human history in each tear and drop of sweat. 

He became Abu Kasem when he discovered that the entire memory of the universe was flowing within himself, within ourselves; sharing, giving, offering infinite chances for a never-ending creation of life disguised as art. Abu Kasem is made of sand, and of stars; he lives within those very eyes that are reading these humble introductory lines, that same imagination that pictures him in his workshop, creating new words, stories, humoristic views to share: these are his alchemic essences. 

A creation is only a way of calling the perception of that entire history of the universe that is presently flowing through our very veins; Abu Kasem only decodes, gives shape to that memory that contains all pasts that have occurred as well as those that have not yet come to pass; all ignored presents among the obvious one, and probable futures that are awaiting for their chances. His means is sound. A sound that might become act in music, or potentiality as written words. This technological possibility known as the website is the window, the passage that connects that probable world of Abu Kasem the Greedy Perfumer, with this one, as real as the other.


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