Abu Kasem



Contemplations and Cogitations

Extracted from his perhaps inexhaustible access to superior realms, in this book you shall encounter (if you open it, of course) Abu Kasem’s serious facet: ruminations and observations about life and the world, which for us are one and the same thing, for they cannot exist separately. Or can they?

In this first tome, the Greedy Perfumer offers you some of his epiphanies that unveil and shed light on some forgotten truths, thus exposing the hidden (and ignored) threads that are part of this beautiful tapestry we call existence.

Minimalistic in his approach, here you shall find reflections of a mystical and philosophical nature.

Echoes of truths and realities that, hopefully, might resonate within yourself, thus changing your inner landscape forever.

Click here to buy now, and to start perceiving the world in novel ways.

Opus Magnum I by Abu Kasem The Greedy Perfumer


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