Abu Kasem


The Opus Magnum of Abu Kasem: the Greedy Perfumer’s vindictive observations on everything and nothing.

The Opus Magnum is the continuous result of Abu Kasem’s inner work with his alchemic fragrances in his secret laboratory, and the product of his vast journeys into the Alam-i-Malakut (Angelic Realm) during his scarce hours of sleep.

The Opus Magnum is being conveyed through both word and sound, literature and music.

The Opus Magnum is a book under permanent re-creation.

The Opus Magnum is unveiled in this site, under the Blog section. For this reason, and also because every action (word or sound) constantly re-creates the probable futures, the texts shall be read in order.


Opus Magnum II

Following the trailblazing and heroic endeavours of its predecessor, the Opus Magnum Volume II furthers the exploration of absurd worlds, preposterous possibilities and ignored presents in what could be deemed “the most successful, original and funny second part to an obvious first part”.

The quills of Abu Kasem and his collaborators conjure realities that, hopefully, will make you laugh.

If not, we do apologise profusely.

Opus Magnum I by Abu Kasem The Greedy Perfumer



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